Very stable platform ranging from the inspire2 with the X7 camera system down to the sub250 mini2.


FPV - Cinelifter

FPV meets true cinema, using either the Red Komodo or the BMPCC4k we have you covered with our range of cinelifters. Whether you need something with ducts for indoors, guards for around cast or to go 100mph.

FPV - Chase and Longrange

The 7″ – 8″ Miniquad is the perfect platform for Highspeed chase drones and Long range. These quads can either give you the speed you need to keep up to Drift and race cars or the efficiency needed to push for longer flight times and go the distance.


FPV - Miniquad

If there was a perfect size for flying it would be the 5” Miniquad. It has the perfect size, weight and power ratio and is a great fit for many applications. 5.5” is a great size for smoother flying and efficiency while the smaller 5” is perfect for proximity and highspeed flying.

FPV - Microquad

Something inspiring