Matrix Preloaded has a few common 3×3 matrix grids available so you dont have to remember how to create certain custom filters. Some filters apply a filter directly on the image while others are better suited as a matte to drive grades and adjust your image.

Version History

2.0 – Added Info to knobs and info tab
– Preblur to smooth out matrix result
– Added drop down to select alpha matte output
1.3 -Changed flip and flop to only one check box for fliping direction of the matrix effect.
1.2 -Added the flip and flop check boxes to mirror the image before applying the matrix and then putting it back.
1.1 -Removed the internal shuffle drop down because it was confusing
1.0 -First version of Matrix Preloaded, bare bones setup


Matrix Selection

Choose the Matrix operation you would like to apply to the image.

Anti Alias – averages surrounding pixels to smooth out edges.
Sharpen – applies a very heavy sharpen to all pixels.
Edge Enhance – This is a directional edge detect. Each version is using a different direction such as Horizontal, Vertical or Diagonal.
Edge Detect – There a several variations of edge detection in this list. Some are more extreme than others.
Emboss – using the emboss can help give a 3d pop to an image or element.
Sobel – algorithm that creates an image emphasizing vertical or horizontal edges.

Flip – Flip the direction of the Matrix operation

Preblur – Applies a blur to the input before the matrix is applied. This will only affect the image going into the matrix and not the original that you can mix back the result.

Mix – Dissolve between the original image and the matrix effect.

Output Alpha Matte

Select whether to bypass creating a matte in the alpha channel or creating one by selecting a single channel or merging them together.


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