Edge allows you to extend the proper color out over transparent edges or areas with a lot of motionblur without eroding away the nice detail. This edge extend has some more advanced features like splitting the core matte and final key which allows you to work on motion blur without effecting small details like hair or a swinging rope for example. There is also more control over how you blend the core detail to the extended edge color. This was shown to me years ago by an old comp sup I had and is the same as the edge extend by Frank Reuter. This is my version of it that has evolved a little bit over the years.

Version History

  • 6.9 – Removed version number from file ie: Edge6.9 to Edge. This has caused errors in some operating systems, you can find the current version number in the info tab. Rename your in your menu.py as well to be just Edge removing the version number if you are updating.
  • 6.8 – Updated tabs to Extend and Blending to make more sense. Added tool tips to all the knobs and fixed the blending tab by adding the mix and blur bg sliders.
  • 6.7 – Fixed the blending from the core to extended edge
  • 6.6 – Changed the tab labels to “Extend” and “Blending” so they make more sense
  • 6.5 – Added exponential extend
  • 6.4 – First version of the Dynamic Edge extend
  • 6.3 – Bug fixes
  • 6.2 – By simplifying the core edge extend it broke the ability to separate the multiple inputs.
  • 6.1 – Bug fixes
  • 6.0 – Rebuilt the core edge extend setup in preparation for some upcoming changes.
    – Added the ability to extend only chroma information and a mask input on the right side of the node.
  • 5.7 – Bug fix, the Edge matte copy node had become corrupted.
  • 5.6 – Added the Edge Matte shuffle button to automatically shuffle out the edge to be regrained.
  • 5.5 – Added the channels drop down to extend other channels besides the RGB
  • 5.4 – You can now use just the FG input if if also contains the alpha, or use the Core and key options to define your Core and Final Key separately.
  • 5.3 – Updated the color edge blend options. Added Luma masking, Luma Blend
  • 5.2 – Fixed error when edge is first placed in the node graph. This was due to the copy nodes inside throwing an error because there is not alpha on creation of the node.
  • 5.1 – Added contact and version info. Added edge preview for regain.
  • 5.0 – Changed order of blend and blur knobs for better workflow. Added mix knob to color panel.
  • 4.0 – Renamed inputs from artist feedback
  • 3.0 – Added color wrap panel to help blend BG color into transparent edges.
  • 2.0 – Added edge smooth knob for extreme motion blur.
  • 1.0 – Compiled edge into a gizmo

Upcoming Features and Known issues

Let me know of any issues you find with edge here or on nukepedia.

  • Other edge extend methods like distortion also coming soon

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