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Skater Zombies

Synopsis In a post-apocalyptic world, in which only skateboarders exist, a new synthetic drug has been quietly [...]

Hidden – A Long range FPV experience

What a beautiful day to explore some epic mountains and find what it might be hiding. Come […]

Back Home – This yard was made for FPV

This yard was made for FPV. Visiting back home I got to get the @JoshuaBardwell experience and […]


Water always looks so good in highspeed. This is from an epic trip to Vancouver island last […]

Smokey Falls / LongRange FPV with a Cinelifter

Enjoy some slow mo long range cinematic footage of some of our local waterfalls. This is some […]

Can’t Catch me – Catch me if you can

Some clips chasing @bigoilyguy and @razzmanFPV in Atlanta! Enjoy some craziness chasing on some 5″, 7″ and […]

The Rippies 2023 Prize rundown for Best Chase

I thought I would run down all the prizes from the Rippies 2023 attendies bag and the […]

Diving America

Had a great time flying in Atlanta with the Team Maniacs crew check em out! Diving Bank […]

Above the Smoke

Dive into a breathtaking cinematic experience that merges nature’s raw fury with the marvel of modern technology. […]

Evening Drift

Spent an amazing evening @MissionRacewayPark filming with the BCDA. I always try to do something different so […]

Sunset Drift

The days are getting longer and that means night drifting @MissionRacewayPark has become sunset drifting for the […]


While I was charging a couple packs this morning I was wondering why this 1 was taking […]