Above the Smoke

Dive into a breathtaking cinematic experience that merges nature’s raw fury with the marvel of modern technology. Witness the enchanting dance of smoke and stone as the Le Pigeon, a drone powered by special l’Ion packs, embarks on a long-range flight, soaring above towering mountain peaks. The valleys below, cloaked in a haunting mist of wildfire smoke, paint a surreal canvas that few have ever seen. Captured with the Black Magic Cinema Camera, each frame transports you into a world that’s both haunting and beautiful, reminding us of nature’s awe-inspiring might and majesty. Experience pure magic, where fire, earth, and air unite in a symphony of visuals. This isn’t just a flight; it’s a journey into the heart of our planet’s raw, untamed beauty. Dive in! Music: Elderbrook x Tourist – Howl Chill mix

(All Jokes aside that description was too good to pass up.) This was my first true Long Range flight with the Le Pigeon from Straw Hat Aerials www.strawhataerials.com The setup uses the Le Pigeon Frame, 2810 1070kv motors, 2x 2600 L’ion packs and the Decased Black Magic Pocket 4k and I was able to achieve 15 minutes easily, in the coming weeks I will be testing the limits with 2x of the 4000mah 6s packs. Stay tuned for more, thanks for watching and hope you all stay safe.

Creative problem solver, always looking for the next challenge. I enjoy designing efficient workflows and helping artists learn advanced techniques that help them achieve their best work.

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