FPVLOG – Chicago and Detroit

Made a stop in Chicago to hang out with the incredible  @quaddaddyfpv  for 420! Come along for the first day and a half in Chicago before we head to Detroit to meetup with the rest of the Maniacs and FPTV crew. Thank you so much for having me QD, it was a trip to remember my friend I cant wait to see you again. Thanks for watching and be sure to keep a look out for Part 2 before we hit the road to Detroit!


In Part 2 we continue with our heros the incredible  @quaddaddyfpv  and Bannister Post as they fly some iconic spots around Chicago Illionoize, like the Abandoned Carwash and the Mr. Steele bridge. They join  @waldoh414  on roadtrip through to meet up with the rest of the FPTV crew in Detroit at Plant 21! Thanks for the hospitality from the Detroit crew and letting us fly your spots! Big thank you to  @chubbyfpv5477  for helping me find a way up to get my quad back. Thanks for watching and be sure to keep a look out for Part 3 where we continue flying bandos in Detroit!

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