Bannister Post was born out of the desire to support better onset Data capture that is more useful in Post Production. No longer should artists use random materials due to lack of images or accurate data from set. From lens data, lens grids, HDRI per lighting setup, textures, photoscans, digi doubles, performance capture, clean plates and aerial mapping. We have the experience needed to make sure you get it right the first and only chance you get on set.

In post-production, one of the most challenging aspects is either dealing with a moving camera or adding movement to a shot. At Bannister Post, we’ve embraced these challenges as opportunities to innovate. This drive has led us to push the boundaries of drone technology and camera movement techniques.

We’ve explored new horizons by leveraging FPV (First Person View) and dual-operator setups, enabling us to capture shots in ways we never imagined possible. These advancements empower you to achieve that truly extraordinary shot, elevating your creative vision to new heights.



Virtual Production


VFX Supervision

Photography / Photogrammetry / HDRI / Photoscan

Drone Pilot / Aerial Mapping



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