Falling with Style

Some B-roll we shot after the adventure up to Volcan’s Thumb. I still have yet to make it across this river to get my Apex and Hero 6 on the other side. I really want to chase a quad down this mountain and capture someone coming through this tree gap.

Music: Falling – Asher

Build details:
ImpulseRC Apex 5.5″
Camera: Gopro Hero 10
Motors: Tmotor P2505 1850kv
Props: Gemfan 5236
FC Stack: T Motor F7HD + 55A ProII
Control Link: Crossfire Divresity
VTX: Caddx Vista
Antennas: True RC Singularity
Lipo: Rline1400mah 6s

Rad Li-ion from Falcon Rad
Camera: Gopro Hero 9
Motors: Tmotor F90pro 1300kv
Props: HQ 7X3.7X3
FC Stack: T Motor F7Pro + 55A ProII
Control Link: Crossfire Divresity
VTX: TBS Unify HV32 Pro
Antennas: True RC OCP
L’ion: 2X Iflight Full send 6s 4000mah

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