Tickles Island Adventure / Jordan River

Part 1

Join me on an unforgettable adventure as I visit my friend Tickles on the stunning Vancouver Island. Our journey begins with exhilarating drone flights at his picturesque spot, setting the tone for an action-packed day. As we hit the road, we’re bound for an exciting rendezvous with our friend Dairy Air. Our road trip leads us to Jordan River, where we make an unexpected but heroic pit stop at the beach. There, we prevent a potential forest fire from igniting, reminding us of the power of nature and our responsibility to protect it. Continuing our journey, we reach the Jordan River diversion dam, an awe-inspiring location right next to the water. We set up camp in this beautiful natural setting and take to the skies once again! This video captures the essence of camaraderie, adventure, and our deep connection to the natural world. Join us as we embark on this thrilling and meaningful escapade along the stunning landscapes of Vancouver Island.”


Part 2

Day 2 Exploring this abandoned Diversion Dam on the Island. The night was cold but we started off the morning having breakfast by the lake and then straight into flying around the bottom. After @t.ticklesfpv gopro mount failed we had a bit of a Gopro Rescue and explored around the waterfalls. This place is simply amazing but I would recommend coming a bit later in the season. Vancouver Island can still be quite chilly during May.


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