FPVlog 001 – 5 Story Glory

Went to the 2022 Rippies meetup down in Florida, the most I slept was the 4 hours on the plane. Once I landed  @DRONEPOISON  picked me up and we went to Charge packs with  @AponeFPV  and  @mariaprops  and headed out to meet the rest of the crew and start flying Bandos!

We ended up at a 5 story abandoned building with two large gaps and after dinner we hit up a large parking lot next door. After a great day of flying we headed back to chill and repair everything for the next days adventures. I think I broke an arm and 2 motors trying to get that powerloop. More to come, Tune in for the next one!

Huge thank you to  @therealseanthedon  for setting up this amazing event and  @quaddaddyfpv  for the sick logo and all your help. The arrow totally makes the thumbnail thanks dude!


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