Modified Speedbooster for the Kinemini 4k (Updated)

Here I have some images of a Metabones speedbooster that has been modified by the skilled hands of Richard Gale over at Dog Schidt Optiks in the UK. DSO makes the popular Flare Factory and Trump lenses and you can find more about them at and on my blog. I will be doing a full review of the DSO lenses and adding some comparisons of the modified speedbooster in the coming months so check back for more info.

The details

I saw a post on twitter awhile back that had a speedbooster modified for the Sony F5 and Kinemini so I had to find out how to get one for my camera. The Kinemini is interesting because it has a lot of different options and is not too hard to modify things for it. The flange distance is extremely short if you order the kinemount option over the built in EF mount and it sits somewhere between 17mm-18mm (unconfirmed).

The modification was made on a Metabones Speedbooster Ultra EF-E mount by adding a PL mount over the Emount to fit onto the Kinemini. The Kinemount is just a SubPl mount but do not try to mount a PL lens directly or you will risk damaging your sensor. This made it so I could remove the modification and use it as originally intended if I ever needed to. The other nice thing that is a feature of the Speedbooster is that you can easily modify infinity on it just in case.

Another unconfirmed spec of the Kinemini is that the S35 sensor has a crop factor of about 1.67X so once the speedbooster is mounted it should get us close to full frame but not quite. I personally really appreciate the extra FOV this adds and along with a normal EF mount on the camera as well it allows me to choose to go wider with the Speedbooster, or longer with the original mount or…using the S16 crop on the camera to reach even further still.

FOV and Crop Factors

I have shot with this combo for a whole day and didnt find a need to take it off at all. Its sharp, wider FOV and adds 1 extra stop which helps for a light hungry camera.

Nikon FX 1X (100%) Kinemini 4k SB 1.198X (83.5%) Nikon DX 1.5X (66.667%) Kinemini 4k 1.667X (60%)

Full Frame VS Speedbooster Comparison

Here is an image showing the crop factors when using the speedbooster in comparison to the full frame D800. I know the crop factors and percentage in comparison to Full frame but Im still not sure the exact sensor dimensions yet.

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